About Us


As our world continues to move faster and faster, there are growing numbers of those like us who believe in slowing down, taking our time, and making something that won't wear out after a few days or months or even years. When something is mindfully crafted, it rarely needs to be replaced. That's why we at Civil Wolf insist on hand making every leather product we sell. So why do it this way? Why not use a machine? 

Simple: Durability. 

It's truly the only way to do it right. With the hand-sewn saddle stitch, if any of the threads break, the rest of the stitches hold tight. It's a time-honored technique, trusted by master leatherworkers for centuries. This isn't the case with machine stitching. If just one thread breaks, the other side will become loose, with the whole thing often coming unraveled. And we believe you deserve better than that.


We don't just use the highest-standard of techniques, we also use the highest-quality leather. 

We source our leather from Horween Leathers and Wickett & Craig. These are two of the last remaining premier specialty tanneries in the U.S. They've set the standard for high-quality leathers and have mastered the labor-intensive skills and old-world craftsmanship required to make arguably the best leathers in the world.


Our promise to you, and to ourselves, is to craft products with style, simplicity, quality construction and durability that will last forever. To live up to that promise, we guarantee all of our products for life. If the leather rips, if the stitching comes undone or if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason, we will fix or replace it for free. It's made to last forever, and it's our job to ensure it does.


Civil Wolf crafts provisions with a purpose. Because our products don’t just stand the test of time. They stand for something.

We’re passionate about the outdoors and the beautiful lands to which we have access. But never have those places been in such immediate danger as they are today. That’s why a portion of every sale we make is donated to the National Park Foundation.

Just like our products, we want these places to be enjoyed and admired for years to come. Part of our mission is to protect nature and the wild places we love.


Every leather product that comes out of Civil Wolf is made by a single craftsman. Founder, Jason Brady grew up in the mountains of Utah. It kind of goes without saying that he fell in love with the outdoors and the quiet simplicity that nature has to offer. Leather making is his way of getting back to his roots and a daily reminder to slow down and approach life from a much simpler perspective.